Celebrating #FemmeActuelle at the 20th anniversary of Meli Melo

Cheers to every woman, cheers to her uniqueness!

Yesterday, I  got to spend my afternoon with some amazing women and the fabulous team of Meli Melo Paris, for the celebration of their 20th anniversary, under the campaign #FemmeActuelle! We were taken at Domnita Ralu Mansion, where the team has set  for us a little piece of heaven where to have dinner at sun set and just relax. I didn’t get to see the sunset as I have a cold, but I did enjoy the food and the view! I can only imagine how beautiful all must have looked in the light of a sun set!

Meli Melo Paris– accessories and home design

The story of Meli Melo has started in 1998 when they have opened their first shop. The opening was a huge success, so in no time they opened the second, the third..now having over 40 stores all over the country. At first they only had the accessories division, adding in 2017 the home design segment where, in my opinion, they make such a good job. The whole set up was made with their products, so you can see a part of the beautiful things one can find in their stores!

The decor was inviting you to take photos with every step! I mean, every corner was so carefully planed and designed that it was telling a story by itself. Even though i was feeling really sick, i relaxed for couple of moments in the sun light. The food also helped :))) I was soo good and refreshing 😀

So, my dear Meli Melo Paris, this is what i wish for you:

  • May you always be young and fresh in your vision!
  • May you overcome all bads!
  • Let’s meet and celebrate also your 40s!

The day ended with a perfect sky and a pink sunset. Didn’t take photos of the pink sunset, i just enjoyed it… bad for my blog, good for my soul 🙂

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen. Wayne Huizenga

All products can be found in their stores. More info on melimeloparis.ro 

Show them your love on social media:

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeliMeloFashion/

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meli_melo_paris/


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