Soul food at Ma Bistro

I love to eat! I love good food! And i relax when i cook :)) I’m the ultimate foodie! For me, food is not something you eat just to survive, for me food is art! And i try to know as many things i can about this amazing part of life.

Ma bistro– the place where food has soul

I discovered Ma Bistro one day when i was having coffee at my fav place in Bucharest – Two Minutes Coffee Shop and i realized i’ll be turning into a little monster if i don’t eat pretty soon 😀 I knew it was a restaurant near them, but had no idea what kind of food they have, so i just said… let’s give it a try! Little did i know, that it was the best decision i made that day, and before you know it I became a regular at their place :))

As they say it : MÀ (probably) is the smallest neo-bistro in town. All their ingredients are high quality and try to use as many local producers as possible. I remember I saw on their menu that they take their bread fresh from a local bread house. Taking aside their funny approach in communication on social media, they take their job really serious and i admire the fact that they keep it simple and try to use the best products possible.

Best dessert i had in ages is the one from the first photo: peach, mascarpone, passion fruit and creme brule.. trust me! mouth watering as i write :))

They also get the award for the best avocado toast in town and for having a perfect #keto dish- mellanze alla parmiggiana ( hope i spell the name right) which is made from egg plant, cheese and tomatoes. The Chef is called Toni Godeanu and i haven’t met him yet, but from the way the menu is structured, he seems passionate about his work, so congrats, if you ever read this!

Ma Bistro is the perfect place to enjoy every moment of your meal. Good wines, excellent service all wrapped in a small, warm space. I think it’s pretty cool that you can actually see the guys cooking your dish, the open kitchen is so close to the tables that it makes you feel part of the process.

Price rage is fair, taking into consideration the quality of their products. For me, a meal is, usually, under 100 lei ~20 euros.

But, in the end, the best part about Ma Bistro, is that they make food, real food. You actually get to eat and enjoy the hell out of your meal. They make soul food 🙂


“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.” -Anna Thomas

Find Ma Bistro here:

Constantin Aricescu no.50 A
Bucharest, Romania
Call 0741 427 777
Interior photo credits: Ma Bistro

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