You are THE MAN!

I see you laughing and smiling across the room.. you look so confident, and yet, you search for a glimpse of a friendly soul…someone who can see you.. the real you.. You smile.. perfect smile..Hollywood could it be otherwise..  perfect hair, perfect suit..fuck even, perfect smell… you are that guy! The one from the movies.. you are Chuck Bass.. you are the businessman from the cover of Forbes magazine! You are the one! You are the MAN!

I look at you and i see all that shine.. I catch your eyes and you look you’ve just seen yourself in a mirror, standing out there with your naked soul.. I see in you every stereotype of nowadays: i see the workaholic, i see the gym enthusiast, i see the player, i see the rich and the attention craver … i see them all, and yet i don’t see you..

How empty of you to be so full of them..of everything they’ve been feeding you.. how empty of you to be so full of material things.. i see you and smile.. you smile back.. i remind you of humanity… being a human.. remember that feeling? remember when you would impress people with what you knew and who you were? remember taking the sub on that cold winter morning going to see my mother at the hospital? Remember how you saved her? Sometimes i get a glimpse if him u know? he’s still there.. catching the light from time to time..


hei, how are you?

good! i’m good… used to take tram.. now driving this sweet ride 😀 so i m good!

yeah i see.. so, are you happy?

happy? i’m good you know… look at this car! it’s amazing! i’m good, just told you that.. Need a ride?

No, thanks.. i’ll just walk.. it’s a beautiful night 🙂

You don’t have a car yet? Pff.. you should try harder. learn from the players and make money!

Nope, I don’t have a car.. but I am happy 🙂



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